Monday, April 14, 2008

Lizard Eyes

I was just looking at a picture of the contacts that can make your eyes look like a reptile.

Years ago I went to an underground Goth club there in NYC and a guy with Lizard eyes and a cape kept asking me to dance. God, what was his name? If I could remember it it would just send the whole picture over the edge. Believe me, it was something like the vampire version of Fabio. Priceless.

Those first few minutes for me were like when you are trying to speak to someone who has one eye that looks in a different direction or has really dark sunglasses on and you are trying to get acclimated with where you should look while acting as if nothing is going on.

Anyway, with or without the eyes, he was not going to get anywhere with me, but after I got over how disarming it was, I was amused…(which is why I WENT to the club in the first place…).


Gayle said...

Sydney, I have a "lazy eye" and it's uncomfortable to me too. While you're talking to someone feeling it wandering. Although, there are times when you forget about it. I think that has to do with my comfort level with the person I'm talking to. People that know about it just ignore it while those that don't turn around to see what you're looking at when you're really just looking at them.

meb said...

I'm really late coming in here to read these... sorry Sydney... I forget that there are other places to check out.

I dated a guy with a lazy eye (we're talking years ago here) and we would get such a kick out of people doing what gayle said... "turning around to see what he was looking at when he was really looking at them"... too funny.

Donna in AL said...

My youngest son just about "had a fit" for a pair when he was about 15. No way would I get them for him. Now that he is grown, he hasn't said anything about them but he does have a pink mohawk.

At my new job, a co-worker has blue eyes except for the left eye has about 1/4 of it brown. It is very hard to not stare at that eye.