Friday, July 20, 2012

This Blog Nominated

My niece, who left her job teaching in East Harlem, and her wonderful husband packed up their NY apt, put everything in storage in another state and left to go around the world for a year. 8 months later it looks like they will extend that for another 7 months. She is keeping a fascinating and funny blog called The Parallel Life.

Click it, read it, subscribe to it.

She got nominated for two blog awards, natch. And I'm sure between that and her old blog about teaching (hilarious and poignant) she will be a published author someday. And a very popular one.

In turn, she nominated this blog and had such great things to say:

Looky Here – My aunt – a professional stylist, shopper, and procurer of all things awesome – has created this fantastic blog that showcases great gift ideas. Seriously, it’s a lifesaver!  I regularly find things on here that I want for myself, and she does such a great job at posting a range of gifts that you’re sure to find something for that person in your life who is ‘impossible’ to shop for.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. The whole purpose for me is to turn everyone on to great things that I find, and the satisfaction it produces. Judging from her paragraph, I've accomplished that with at least one person! Have you found something here that you loved?

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Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Sometimes awards get passed around too freely, but I will have to say, both your blog (and everything your niece says about it) is one I always enjoy visiting and seeing what you've 'found' next! And your nieces blog? Well, in the short visit I just had there, I will have to say I love everything about it--as I am mostly an 'armchair' traveler, I always enjoy seeing where others travels take them! Love the layout of her blog--crisp and clean, and the photos are awesome, and then there's her writing! Yep, there is a book there! Thanks for sharing this!