Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LEGO My Heart!

Or should that be my NECK?

Announcing the Lego Vampyre Castle - It is, in a word, AWESOME. The pic on their site oddly does not do it justice, even when you roll the cursor over the pic to get a close up look, so I am stealing the pic my friend Arielle took of hers at her house to show you. The figurines that come with it are quite fang-tastic too. All for $99.

Photo credit: Arielle Fragassi

That hyper link also shows all kinds of things you can add, like a Hearse or a group of ZOMBIES!

On September 1 keep your eye out for the Lego Haunted House.... It may be a Lego store exclusive. At the bottom left of that link there's a box where you can type in your town or zip code to find a Lego store near you. 

TIP: It's never too early to begin buying for the holidays - or birthdays - but this could be a perfect activity (or simply as decor) for Halloween festivities at school or home!

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