Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's a known fact that when your feet are warm and comfortable, the rest of your body just feels better. And what could be cozier on the feet than a pair of cashmere blend socks? Oh so warm without being too thick or scratchy, they're the perfect gift for every man (or find the women's versions) on your list. 

100% cashmere or socks with higher percentages of cashmere can cost over $100 a pair, but I've bought blends from all the below places for far less. They have with all the benefits of the warmth and softness without the drawback of holes in the heels and toes that form quickly in the delicate 100% types. 

This is just a SMALL sample of what's out there - Google to explore all the choices... but buy soon. They go fast. This is such a great gift for the hard -to-buy fors: your boss, grandparents, parents. But I can't think of a person who would not ooh and ah as soon as they put them on - especially if they live in cold places.  TIP: Don't forget to get a pair for YOURSELF :)

From The Vermont Country Store - Black, brown, navy, charcoal: 32% virgin wool, 32% nylon, 22% viscose, 8% cashmere, 6% angora. One size fits men's sock size 10 - 13.  $24.95

Nice basic colors (see pic above) on sale at Garnet Hill: $32

Lands End: On sale $14.99 for 50% cashmere -these are a GREAT deal.... and look at their nice pair in herringbone... 

J Crew has two tones socks in crazier colors (bright orange, turquoise, purple and white with coordinating color patches on toes, heels and ankle - see pic) for the artier guy on your list. $69.50 

How about these argyle style, with 8% cashmere on sale for $9 at alex blake by b.ella?  Or  CLICK HERE for 20% cashmere blend FALKE LHASA socks for $34, in brown, navy or charcoal.

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