Friday, November 28, 2014

DYSON DC 59 Motorhead - The Most Powerful Little Vacuum Evah

Dyson has been innovating that age old chore - vacuuming. Cords get in the way, you're yanking the rolling ones around corners and across the carpet, or pushing a behemoth to and fro asking yourself if this counts as the gym for the day. There are those backpack kinds where you can walk around the house and more easily get between couch cushions… but it's still a backpack…

Well Looky Here:

This is Dyson's much talked about newest model, which achieves their goal of making a lightweight, portable vacuum that's as powerful as those big lugs -  on carpet or wood floors.  It can shorten to get into corners or extends long enough to get into wall vents and ceiling fans and I assume window treatments.


And it's ON SALE NOW for $399, a savings of $150 off the usual price, so waste no time checking it out. 

Read all the details for yourself on DYSON.COM. You can buy it there too.

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Rochelle said...

Just bought this for myself :)