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Give the Luxury of J.Hilburn - BY DECEMBER 18!

Order before 12/18 & these will be at your door by the 24th. That's four more days so don't delay if you see something you like. Or give a gift card, which I can send directly to you or e-mail up until the last minute! CLICK FOR A GIFT CARD!

TIP:  You will get $25 off your first online order (not each item), so remember that as you price things. PLUS-- ALL sweaters and outerwear jackets are now 30% off - that makes an outstanding difference for 100% quality cashmere and blends. And if you take a chance, don't forget -  you get a 100% full money back guarantee if something doesn't fit or it just doesn't work.  But I think he'll love it!

Look at this classic midnight blue crew neck sweater - 100% fine cashmere. Light weight and so soft you'll not be able to keep your hands off him. Pretty much a no lose situation. Take advantage of 30% off on all sweaters. Order before December 18 to have it by December 24 (order earlier and don't take the chance). Instead of $295, this is only $205. And if you're a first time orderer, you can look for your discount of $25 off your order… THAT's $180 instead of $300 for amazing cashmere!  CLICK HERE .

Make this his Christmas sweater and he'll wear it all winter. Lightweight cashmere wool blend, it's soft and warm. He'll wear it with jeans, but is dressy enough to wear under a sport coat.
ON SALE from $140 to $97 (minus your $25, it's $72). Sizes are going fast!

How about 5 pocket cords?  These are not your professors wide wales. Black or chocolate brown can be a solution when your jeans guy needs to be a little dressier -- while he can still feel just as relaxed in them.  They are soft, instantly comfortable and best of all, he looks polished - for all those casual office days and parties or date night out. CLICK HERE… Only $99.

Regular leg fit, brown thin wale cords 

Straight leg fit, black thin wale cords, $109 

I'm suggesting things that are a little out of the box - Things that are SPECIAL! Read on:

This reversible jacket is navy nylon on one side and soft, heathered gray on the other and a little puffy in-between - water repellant, with a modern cut. CLICK HERE for details. 

It'll be worth it when he goes to the closet, bet he reaches for this one first…A truly special, navy pique unstructured jacket. He'll feel like he's wearing a sweater, but will look cool and casually polished.  Dresses up jeans, but can be worn to dinner, at the club, at conventions or to the office for all those new confusing "smart casual" days. 

This pique jacket is $425 - take off $25 for your first time online order, so it's $400. He'll have this for years - say it's 5-- $80 a year, or only 22 cents a day. OKAY?  It is a modern cut so it is a little shorter in length and the buttons come up a but higher - just a knock out on. CLICK HERE for details.

Though J. Hilburn makes custom shirts and made to measure suiting, you can now get a curated selection of trousers and sport coats - CLICK HERE to browse. This is nor Mens Wearhouse! These fabrics are of the highest quality, and you are getting them for 1/3 or 1/2 the price than you would get them at Hugo Boss, Saks, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, , etc..

Cords are back - yes, as full suits (the young fashionistas) but if you look at GQ, Esquire, ESPN and other mens magazines, all are featured. And really, how can you think this deep green thin wale cord modern cut jacket isn't handsome and sharp? Wonderful for this season at $420 (take $25 off if this is your first order and it becomes $195). CLICK HERE to find. 

He will LOVE these ultra soft charcoal colored herringbone trousers. Great for those cold days that he wishes he could wear his pajamas out to that important meeting. You would faint to feel them! $240 (and if you take $25 off? $215). CLICK HERE to find. 

Or, order a ready made belt that will get to your house in time! CLICK HERE to see the selection! Lots of men are wearing these lighter honey brown leathers with jeans, navy, black and gray - no longer must it be black to "match."

If you're in the market for a tie - here's one that is a break from the usual, matte finish cotton in the perfect combination to go with his black, navy or grays. There's a huge selection of solids, stripes, dots and others, and some really nice colors for the redhead in your life. J.Hilburn also offers bow ties too.

What's in that little box? Holidays are a time to give something special - and that can mean cufflinks for those special occasions - unless your guy is a french cuff lover in which case he will always welcome these! For my Texan friends give cufflinks in the shape of either the Star or the state. For the patriot
the American flag (or the British flag for Brits& mod). There are silver, gunmetal and gold solids, colored enameling in reds, burgundy, navy and my fave, this violet and navy - subtle but says something! CLICK HERE to browse all cufflinks. 

My top pick would be these Fleur de Lis in silver:

And for your rebel/rocker dandy you can even get these. TIP: get a close up look on the website because these look far better than this little picture - they are etched in 3-D

Put socks in his stocking!  We have subtle, we have printed, we have bright solid colors, so CLICK HERE for the full selection. Bet this navy and taupe nailhead pair would be an all round pleaser. $12.

Scarves, socks, collar stays, pocket kerchiefs, tie pins, lapel boutineers and buttons. CLICK HERE to shop the whole site!!!

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