Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Great Gift for the Wine Lover

Have you heard of The Tasting Room? They now offer a wine club called Lot18.

It's a service that figures out your tastes based on a survey you fill out and what you order. Then it begins to send you a new bottle of wine to your door, hand selected for your preferences, and they claim you'll love their picks.

When you sign on to Lot18.com, you help them understand your preferences (and have a ball doing it) by comparing and contrasting wines - this sets them up with an informed wine profile for you. You then receive a case of wine tailored to your tastes. You can get a case as often as you want and ask for how many reds vs whites etc. Custom choice! You continue to rate what you get and that further hones their choices for you.

They are so confident of their choices, that they have a guarantee: If you don't like one, they either replace it or give you a credit to buy another from a very extensive collection. Cost is about $149 a case, which works out to about $12 a bottle, plus shipping of no more than $19.00. TIP: You can cancel at any time you want, without penalty! 

You can start by getting the wine tasting kit (those 6 little bottles in the pic above) that comes with a $10 sign up fee - offered right now on for only $6.95 by clicking THIS LINK.  They'll send you 6 types of wines in smaller bottles after you take a 30 second survey as to your taste preferences.

Or just give the gift of wine, glassware, or gift certificates. They make it easy for you to click on the price range you'd like.

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Lynne Favreau said...

I love this one. It's a little different from the wine club W, a friend sent me last year.