Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Great Gifts for Infants and Toddlers

This begins a series on kids toys from someone who knows: Writer and Mother Lynne M Favreau. Since she also cares for infants and toddlers in her home, because she is so good at it and has a wealth of experience, when she offered to blog during this busy month, I not only knew I would be providing you with top notch gift ideas with both practical and relevant.  There are 5 in this series, up through high school age, so subscribe, bookmark, follow so you won't miss one!

Infant/Toddlers: (birth-3)

I’m an old-school parent who eschewed most electronic toys until my girls were school age, and though American Academy of Pediatrics has recently adopted new more lenient guidelines for screen time, I still recommend avoiding them until after age two. - Lynne

Foam Stacking Blocks with Photo Pockets for All Ages
Familiar faces add a personal touch to first time stacking with these 4 cloth covered, 4-1/4" Sq. soft foam blocks. The clear vinyl pockets on each side allows you to insert sentimental photos. $24.99 at Amazon. Editors note: Bet Grandma and Gramps, Godparents etc sure would like to make an appearance on these...

The French toy company, Boikido, has a wonderful line of colorful, educational wooden toys available at most major toy outlets such as amazon.com, Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble, in addition to FAO Schwartz.

Boikido's Musical Blocks
These go beyond basic with rattles, bells and beads that intrigue and entertain. $21.99 at FAO Schwartz.

Boikido Wooden 2-in-1 Walker/Ride-On
This colorful, multi-use toy can last for years of fun and learning.  $99.99 at Toys R Us.

Critter Clinic.
I love the multiple doors on this one so much I bought this for my little fella for Christmas.
2 cute plush patients, hospital with 6 private rooms
5 vet tools store right inside lid: stethoscope, mirror, syringe, tweezers, thermometer.  $28.46 reg $37.95 | Save 25% at B&N (more if you are a member of B&N!)

TIP: You can find past posts for toy and game ideas for babies by CLICKING HERE - but also look through the categories on the blog roll to the right. Been doing this for 6 years now, so if a link has expired, simply Google it, you're likely to find where it's sold today! 


meb said...

I had fun clicking through the different sites Rochelle. Having that toddler great grandchild now I found a pull toy that I want to get her. She has so many toys, it's difficult finding something new and different. Just starting to stand and walk around furniture, I think a pull toy will give her the courage to let go. Thanks for this site.

Rochelle said...

I'm glad that scrolling through past posts was helpful Meb. Sometimes it leads to another idea just to do that alone! Thanks for stopping by!