Monday, July 28, 2008

Paper Or Plastic?

That is the line that stumps me at the checkout. If I ask for plastic, I'm taking something that won't biodegrade and supporting that industry. If I say paper, then I'm felling a tree. What to do?

Many places are selling bags these days and any of them are fine. Since reusable bags are a sudden trend, I had to recommend the ones I use, not just for groceries but for anything I buy-- clothes, books, prescriptions, make up, sporting goods, tech supplies, etc.

Envirosax makes a set of five REALLY attractive, sturdy, well made bags in a variety of modern designs that appeal to all tastes - mens, womens and kids. The bags are surprisingly large and easily hold double what an average paper grocery bag does. To boot, the large loops sling easily on your shoulders (and even when stuffed to the brim, somehow doesn't kill you) leaving your hands free for doors and keys.

They're amazingly sturdy, gorgeous and well made of a waterproof fabric that washes and dries in a breeze (for when you bring drippy meat or ice cream home). Best of all, they come in this little sac that you can fit into your glove compartment or purse. Or roll one up and put it in your pocket - you'll barely feel it's there.

Think of how many of those horrible plastic bags you go through -- some stores are worse than others in packing them light and handing you 13 bags for a 30 item purchase. (Target is a big offender!) I want to say PEOPLE!!! Do you know that these will never biodegrade? (I also, want to ask if my biceps look that dinky, but that's another issue altogether).

Take a moment to calculate how many plastic or paper bags you use in a week -- from trips to Walgreens, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Baskin and Robbins, The Gap, etc... Let's say just 10 bags. That's 520 bags a year! You may reuse those and that's great. But Envirosax practically eliminates the need.

They also make great gifts -- as singles if not the set of five. Normally they are $42-39.95 per 5 pack. Found them here for $33.95.

(Thx to and for the pix)


DeeDee said...

They are even in Australia. Even in Byron Bay, my local! Thanks for the tip, I am going to buy an environsax bag Friday and give up the green bag.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up- And how awesome is the price for 5? It's time for me to upgrade from the grocery store bags. Look a little more chic with these.

DeeDee said...

The price is similar here in Australia. Unheard of.

carlikup said...

I buy reusable grocery bags at my local supermarket ~ they make them for a really nice price: $0.99.

That's all my family uses now, we bring them everywhere.

Thanks for the reminder ~ it's a small action that makes a huge difference!


MzAmy said...

Well, this blog (out of the plethora to pick from) said
"Looky Here" so I did.

I find this bit, interesting.
since I am the one that gives out
plastic or paper. When someone says, "not paper, I am trying to save the trees" I say, "Well, you know.....they are already bags, if you don't pick these now, they will have felled in vain, and do you really want THAT on your conscience?" they usually laugh.

But, I do understand the not supporting the process.

I have 3 canvas bags, the ones I have are not stylish, but durable.
and heck....they were free.

makes me happy.
and some tree that is soaking up
an early morning dew somewhere.

or whatever it may be doing....but, if I saved it....I will want it to be doing just that.

Anonymous said...

I recently gave a few bags from Whole Foods as a birthday gift - and the recipient loved it! I think I'll continue it as gifts here and there. I enjoy Whole Food's bags because they are good sized - and only $.99!

Also a good grab bag gift!! (no pun intended!)

Great blog Sydney!

Sydney said...

LOL -- so many here are commenting about the 99 cent bags -- I didn't mean to say those weren't good! I have several of those as well.

These hold double, are much easier for me to carry, and when they get yucky from chicken or meat packaging, I can toss them in the washer and drier, so those are the reasons I got em!

I just think it's great so many people are using their own bags, no matter what size, shape or cost. :-D

Donna in AL said...

How long have you NOT been using paper or plastic? I have a large tote I use at the flea markets but I cannot remember to take it to regular stores or grocery shopping.
The last few times I have actually bought a lot of groceries, I chose the paper bags. I have seen what the plasic bags do when they get thrown into a lake!

Arija said...

Failing provided myself with my trusty cane basket, I would opt a) for a used carton, b) a brown paper bag made of re-cycled paper.

At a pinch I always have a cardboard box in my boot anyway to keep things from rolling around.