Friday, December 2, 2016

Give Clos du Manoir Oval Porcelain for Soup, Coffee or Tea Cup

It's all about the oval shape. Very distinctive. These Clos du Manoir dishes are special - classy and chic, simple, minimalist, modeled after a 19th century Belgian dish line. I saw these a few years ago in a fancy home goods store and have given this as a gift... And now I am hunting them down to order for myself.

The quality is high, and they shape unique that it makes a stunning gift all on it's own - looks far more expensive than it is. You can give a dessert plate as well so someone can have coffee with toast or croissants or tea with cookies or biscotti, or they can use the saucer for that. Throw in a decorative cloth napkin and you have a really gorgeous budget- conscious gift!

High quality porcelain - in white or gray, microwave and dishwasher safe!

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The 13 oz come  for $16.50 each and the most popular 8 oz are $14.50 (priced to order as sets of six on this site - again, look for others to see what you can find). TIP: Must but from this site in sets of six, but google around to find solo cups and saucers if you like. Or get all six and give them in pairs or keep a few and give out solo with tea or coffee and all the trimmings.  

You can buy single settings go both white and gray on SHOPTIQUES.COM, but the prices are higher for it - just like everywhere, buying in bulk is cheaper. Google to find what you want but for $25 for just the gray cup and oval saucer below. Still WELL worth it!  And someone can certainly use the saucer for their snack along with the beverage, so it's not really necessary to buy a dessert plate as well.

Back to the site where you order 6 at a time do have mugs without the saucers for an even more affordable $9.30.
VISIT Maison de to see all the offerings on this one site alone (Google for others). There is a teapot, with sugar bowl and cream pitcher, or you can give a set of double handled oval soup bowls (another MARVELOUS gift idea), or buy as whole place settings.

Another idea - the double handled oval soup bowl: Great given as is, or with a dessert plate for bread. You can add in your own home made packages of soup fixings... or include in a gift basket. The possibilities are limited to your imagination!

I just painted my kitchen light gray so may just order a few gray mugs and dessert plates for me! 

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