Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Peril of Plastic Bottles - WHO KNEW???

If you haven't heard, as I only recently did, I thought I'd post a warning about plastic bottles.  I was shocked to see a TV special on plastic baby bottles releasing toxins when they are heated (with milk in them).  Uh Oh.

They then went on to say that while we think we're doing a good thing to refill the plastic water bottles that we've become accustomed to buying enmasse, they too make their contents TOXIC UPON REFILLING.  And apparently, this happens when just sitting at room temp, let alone in the sun as it goes from delivery truck to sidewalk to store, including wherever we carry it once we buy it.  Nice. We all get into the health kick of drinking more water --safer, cleaner, expensive water -- and create a new problem: adding mountains of non-degradable trash to the planet. So in trying to cut back, we have begun to refill the same bottle... and now we learn we're causing ourselves new danger. 

I imagine this is of concern to many. I urge you to do your own research but my little foray produced a ton of material on the subject.  From what I can see, the widely used bottles are made from lexan polycarbonate resin.  Apparently when heated or cleaned Bisphenol- A (PBA) can leech into water causing hormone disruption, specifically to the reproductive organs, breast tissue and prostate development. There is also PVC -- polyvinyl chloride. 

There may be more but that was enough information for me.  Since hidden toxins seem to be everywhere, we all have to figure out for ourselves what levels are acceptable and what habits we're willing to form or break.  I'm sure having a bottled water here and there isn't horrible, especially over drinking no water at all. But using these as a daily source seems something to change --for your a$$ if not for the environment. 

If you're in question about any plastic container or bottle you have for anything (including tupperware) just look on the bottom for a number encased in a triangle.  These are the resin ID codes and 1-5 represent a type of plastic, #7 being a different plastic or combination of several. I found the specifics on what numbers mean what at The Green Guide.

Who heard of a one fill bottle?  Maybe it's to create a market for these new, shiny, $25 Sigg bottles they are selling at Whole Foods. There are other refillable, non-plastic bottles you can carry with you, using water you filter yourself. 

Here's a source for checking alternate container options out: 

Just as I'd gotten in the "good" habit of eating more veggies thru the convenience of microwaving them in a plastic bag I learn that that was bad for me... and now this! Back to the Britta filter and filling a non-toxic bottle of my own to save the environment as well as my own skin.


nollyposh said...

Hi again Sydney X:-) Thanks for the plastic warning... I have heard about this and am on the look out for some 'safe' lightweight drinking containers l can give my 3 kids to take to school everyday... Oh and had a giggle at your story about 'Lizard eyes'... Have you ever hung upside down off the side of the bed and got your kids to look at you as if you are right side up??? "LIZARD EYES!!!" (Is kinds spooky too Lol!) ...I know, l know, l spend FAR too much time hanging around with my kids (They can send you a little loopy, but l do lOvE how they keep me in tha moment X:-) Vicki x

Donna in AL said...

Well, maybe I am fortunate that I am not crazy about bottled water and refilling! haha
I am concerned about my son, who keeps even a soda bottle to refill while he is at school.
We have well water and it has sulfur in it. My boys go across the street to my mom's to fill gallon jugs of "city" water to make their sweet tea. I don't mind making tea from my water but one of my sons says he can taste the sulfur.
I guess I could write my own blog on my well water!! I have started another one but I wanted to scan some of my old pictures to go with it. I just haven't had time to get out the scanner and photo albums.
I love your blogs!