Sunday, November 30, 2008


Personalized Map Jigsaw Puzzle --In 400 pieces, an attractive ariel view of your neighborhood (24 miles) -- need 3 weeks so hurry! $49.oo at or CLICK HERE.

Maglight Flashlight - Big, black, metal. With
the heavy, long neck -- great to use as a weapon as well.
Many choices but the one I like is the
length that takes 4 D batteries, and has the bright LED light. Lasts forever. The best quality flashlights around.  Ace Hardware or a sporting goods store should have them.  $15-30ish. For a picture of the non-LED version on Amazon CLICK HERE 

Cowboy Gloves - These are the real McCoy. Deerskin
 gloves that have been used to rope cattle by cowboys for almost a century.  Excellent protection for yard work or in the garage as well. Built to last. Unisex $49.00 at or CLICK HERE.

Quality Flannel Pajamas: OK,
they are not a recession price, but I try to put a 
range of prices on these recommendations.
These are the handsomest men's pajamas I've seen yet.  Nice brown subtle plaid -- or charcoal and cream check --tasteful!  And soft and warm. ALL my male clients' top priority in clothing is that it's
comfortable, so these are that and beyond.  The finest cotton flannel.  $159.00  Maybe a few people can go in on them?

At -- where the whole catalogue has great things for men, so if this is not for you take a look for what is.  If this IS for you CLICK HERE.

Dop Kit -- the little leather or canvas travel bag for his sundries. Some guys even like to use them while at home to keep all their stuff together. There are many choices and price ranges at reasonable prices in every store and catalogue so this is just a reminder. If he already has one, and it's got spills and powders inside, is it time for a new one? Look for ones that hold more or are compact, have zippered compartments or unfold and hang on the back of a door, whatever might suit your man's tastes.

Smoke Free Fireplace Grate -- This grate is great (lol, ok, not so punny maybe) if the man on your list has the real wood fireplace (so man are gas with fake logs these days, bah). It stacks the logs against the back wall so it's not only easier to start the fire, but the smoke is trained to go up the flue better. Claims to double heat output and cut down on wood comsumption too. 
$149 for 16"w, $159 for 18"w at or CLICK HERE

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Photos lovingly borrowed from websites of each product.


sizzie said...

They are fun to look at, Sydney, even if I don't have anyone to buy them for...I have never seen that interesting grate idea. That would be something to have!

Jazlyn said...

Great and very useful product collection. I would like to browse Orvis for this fireplace grate.