Saturday, November 29, 2008

For Tweens and Teens

SWATCH watches -- Reliable, waterproof, with a plethora of great designs at a price no one will die over if it gets lost. With a store in every mall you should be able to go in and look but here's the link to online shopping. There are tabs for Him, for Her, For kids, For Bestsellers, etc... Prices start around $55. Last forever.

* A thick hoodie with faux fur inside means you can keep really warm without having to bring a hat. On sale now for $25.00 down from $29. AS OF 12/3 -- JUST REDUCED TO $20!!! In a variety of colors. Love this! Click on OLD NAVY to find. Call your local store and ask them to hold (or pay for) the size/color you want as they will go fast!

* The Twilight boxed set. Forget the new movie, this series' author has been dubbed the new J.K. Powling and like Harry Potter, adults are liking the read as much as kids. $83 at Barnes and Noble. Solo books in the series (4 so far) are as low as $10.95 in paperback.

THE FLIP -- a small, simple to use very basic video camera that can be plugged right into the computer and downloaded to blogspot, myspace, YouTube etc... or watched on TV. Stills can be captured from the video. $150 for 60 minutes. Runs on AA batteries! The site has a few versions to choose from. Check it out at:

Tony Hawk Skateboard -- a cool model made by this legend of the shredding world. At Walmart for the really great price of $30-42! Get em while they last!

Tec Touch Gloves -- For the person in your life whose addicted to their Blackberry, ipod or other hand held device (which requires the warmth of the human finger to utilize it), these gloves have a pad on index finger and thumb. In the winter months it allows them to operate it without taking taking their glove off. If you're a user, you know how brilliant this is. 13 choices of gloves from $18-80.00. This should be on my adults list!

SMART GIRLS ROCK Tee shirt -- give the right message. Gold letters on black, short sleeves, crew neck. Designed by Gold medal winner Nastia Liukin. Call Stage Stores for location near you. 877-737-8243

Flannel and Fleece Pajamas are everywhere -- Old Navy, the Gap, Victoria's Secret, Marshall's, Kohls, Macy's, Dillards, etc... for a fraction of what they used to cost in a variety of cute colors, prints and solids. Always a good idea.

Keep scrolling down for more gift ideas!

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