Friday, November 28, 2008

Greatest Gifts Countdown

I continue to list gifts, in no particular order, that are of high quality and for the most part could please someone on your list. This will go on throughout the next few weeks, but each day I will start to sprinkle in things like: Best Catalogues, Stocking Stuffers, and things for different age groups and interests...

Melt in Your Mouth Croissants If you know your breads, you know
that there are true, light, flaky, buttery croissants like they make in Paris, and there is everything else. These are of the former. For just $39.99 you can sent these to someone you want to invite you over for one, lol. They arrive frozen and you can pull out one or two the night before so they can thaw and rise, then pop in the oven for warm, golden perfection in the mouth. There are assorted flavors and even mini-croissants, great for parties and tea time with friends. A few years after I'd sent these as gifts, Oprah added it to her first series of O Lists!

Cashmere Socks For men or women. The real deal - 100% cashmere -- is probably more than you want to spend -- they can be over $100 a pair. But they also will wear out in the toe or heel very quickly. Cashmere blended with cotton, silk or poly is actually better IMO, because it has that same soft, fuzzy feel and warmth only cashmere can produce and will hold up longer at a fraction of the cost.

Banana Republic usually carries these for men and women -- buy soon, they go fast. Look at samples by CLICKING HERE -- and make sure to click on the picture for alternate color combos. They run around $24.00 -- though they have nice angora pairs like this picture for $6.50!

Other choices are at J.Crew on sale for $39.50

More Pretty color combos can be found -- 2 pair for $42 at, There are tons listed on Google -- Click on Ralph Lauren's, and find quality at $45 but they also have a pair on sale for 19.95. This website one had supposedly 90% cashmere blend for as low as $7.50. I can't speak to their quality, but thought you can decide by doing a little looking for yourself. Click here to fi
nd a site that compares many others in one place with pix and prices.

The Luxury Pen Mont Blanc is the Rolls Royce of pens and if you have a writer on your list, or someone with first class tastes, this is an item that shows you know your stuff. The classic is the picture shown at right (called the Meisterstuck). Their pens come in many designs, price ranges and sizes and styles usually come as a ballpoint, rollerball, pencil lead or fountain pen (choose from 8 different nibs from fine point to wide). There should be a store in your town (often I see them at the airport!) but if not, you can find them online.

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