Thursday, December 4, 2008


Too many in this's a little sampler for now

For the Crafter -- a place to collect all her stuff - paints and brushes, yarns and needles, collage stuff, sculpting tools, or even cleaning supplies or spa sponges, lotions and potions. Folds up to nothing when empty, easy to carry when full. $28.00 on or CLICK HERE

Hope in a Jar -- A face cream by Philosophy. I've never tried it but Oprah raves about it and I just think the name is too great to not try it. You can go from 1 0z to 8 oz (costing $28 - $99) so choose your price range and see what all the fuss is about! Sold at Sephora but CLICK HERE for the Philosopby site.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Face Cream --The best suncreen, hands down -- but it's pricey. Still, mine for the face lasts 6 months. The picture is for face cream, go for face MILK if you can find it, because it's lighter, but the cream is fine too. 50+ spf Was only sold abroad, but now is available in specialty drugstores (though I did see a 15 spf in CVS in Houston). Full line carried at Bigelow in NYC so here's the link to that. $47ish CLICK HERE
40 Spf for the body is more like $23.00

LEMON + SAGE Body Butter: My all time favorite splurge. I remember when I could get it for $23... It is decadently rich and creamy, but not too heavy and not oily. It is good for putting all over after a bath or shower in the dry, winter months. The smell is very light, slightly citrus-y. I am terribly sensitive to fragrance, and this doesn't bother me at all. Put out by Bliss, one of the top spas in New York. There are scrubs etc with the same scent (as well vanilla/bergamont and blood orange/white pepper) and gift packages of smallercombos of these products. But the Body Butter is like.... buttah. Now $35 at or CLICK HERE.

Pedicure Sandals --
White, black or leopard terry cloth flip flops that comfortably separate toes so she can paint and go. $24.95 at the or for a picture of them/to order, CLICK HERE. Have to see it so take a peek!

Water Decantur and glass-- Etched glass
for her night stand table or by her reading chair.
Pretty, especially for the lover of all things Victorian $22.95 Also at

Sleepbra -- Say what, you might exclaim. Not romantic, and maybe just to be given from gal to gal or gotten for yourself. But ladies, this is the best invention I've seen in years -- one of those things I want to tell every woman I know about. For the perky and not-so-much-anymore (ahem), but especially for the woman with fuller figures on top. This light cotton top is comfy -- yet holds things in place. I could try to explain but just trust me. Great under sweatshirts when lounging at home. They claim medical benefits but if you've ever held yourself when you've tried to run, you'll know why I am recommending this, lol. The webiste tells the whole story. I personally like the low neck style. Different colors and desgins, even built into sleepwear, $45-50 at

Mary Green Panties -- If you are not into spanx and thongs still feel like grade school wedgies, these light, barely there silk panties eliminate VPL (visible panty lines)!!! NO KIDDING. Completely comfortable, in a zillion color combos. I have linked this to the boy shorts page but they have lots of styles (I haven't tried those). $21-$2
3ish a pair and worth every penny for those times it's just required to look smooth. Good for every day too. CLICK HERE

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Totally intrigued by this sleepbra! I must investigate!! Thanks for the tip.