Sunday, December 14, 2008

PJ's on the Inside, Jeans on the Outside

THESE ARE THE BEST and I recommend them to everyone!

Pants that are lined with cozy flannel OR fleece. For men, women and kids.

Flannel tends to be a thinner fabric, very soft and cozy.  Fleece is as well, and a little thicker, but in these pants not too thick - and it is the warmer of the two. So both are great, but vary slightly in thickness and warmth value.

Eliminate the need for long underwear and the scratchy feel of jeans against bare legs in real cold. Who would not like these? In my experience, the lining does not add much bulk, especially the flannel ones.

Jeans and chinos even cords and moleskin pants for men and jeans for women in a variety of fits including as slim leg for women - From $29-49 at LL Bean.

My only beef is the ladies pants are so high waisted. If that's of concern, check out the ladies boyfriend jeans from Eddie Bauer below.

SAVE 10% through Tuesday with the code THANKS10. 

I like the Men's Cargo style as well. For $69.99 If you click on any links you can see rear views too.

Or check out men, women and kids pants with fleece and a different cuts (have petite and tall sizes) from $49.50-$64.00 at

Or LL Bean has a nice selection. Some have plaid fleece inside as well.  YUMMY!

Here's a pair of Men's Relaxed fit from Eddie Bauer for $70

A note for Ladies:  Higher waists are coming back in but these are cut in the old super-high cut for women. But if you are going to wear these outside and have a sweater over them, no one is going to notice the high cut. All you care about is being warm!

But here is the boyfriend jean cut - which is making a comeback - from Eddie Bauer. $90
Use Code SNOWBALL today for Eddie Bauer and get 30% off!!

Kinda kicky in black! These ones are stretch too! Yay! For $80.

Reviews say the below are a very flattering fit but run a little big. Maybe due to stretch, or just that Eddie Bauer runs big in general. Read them and decide. Can be returned/exchanged.

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