Thursday, December 4, 2008

Star Wars Fan

OK, just came across these -- Star Wars hoodies by Marc Ecko-- you can get the pictured Storm trooper, or Darth Vader, Yoda etc... sizes from S- 3X (You can read to see if small would fit a kid, but I think these are adult sizes) $98.oo

Check out the link below for other choices!

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photo respectfully borrowed from recommended site


Laurie said...

How I wish money was no object because this is a perfect gift for three guys I work with. I'm in Information Technology and most of us are really geeky. Star Wars is big in our area!

Laurie said...

I was right. I sent that link around the group and they are going nuts. Mind you, these are 30+ year-old boys, er, men!

Donna in AL said...

My sons still have their Star Wars toys!! They are 26 and 24! But if you watch The Big Bang Theory, you understand the boys, I mean men...ha

Sydney said...

Thanks for sending the link along Laurie! I really appreciate it!

sizzie said...

Sydney, I loved looking at this, immediately wondered if the cast of Big Bang had them. And, Laurie, I also know of some people who would love them!