Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'Tis the Season to get sloppy...

Well, to celebrate at least with toasts and such. I say, never mix alcohol and a delicate glass with a neck that will snap in two at the first tipsy gesture! Here are some solutions:

Stemless wine glasses -- They come in all shapes and sizes, some for white wine, some for red, even apertifs. Thank goodness. Can easily be found at most department stores (I like to call housewares first before I make the trip) and houseware shops in your town. Or search the internet under stemless wine glasses. Crate and Barrel sell a variety starting at 1.95 each. Target carries a full line in sets of 2, 4, 6... some with decanters-- including some stunning black or ruby red glasses (CLICK HERE to see variety).
Here's a colorful set found at Pier One for $5 each.
Cubist Cocktail Set -- These are groovy for the martini lover. They look cool and you can serve them with their own ice (the secret to a great martini is keeping it coooold)! $69.95 for 6 plus dark wood serving tray. At RedEnvelope.com or CLICK HERE

Another Martini Glass: An even easier model are these -- I've got 'em and love 'em. they are sturdy, dishwasher safe and come in clear or red, blue, yellow/green and peach base for $2.95 each at Crate and Barrel or CLICK HERE

Champagne Glasses: If you care to give bubbly, these solve the problem and are really beautiful too. Elegant. Each holds 4 oz, 9" high. Set of two $49.95 also at RedEnvelope.com or CLICK HERE

Happy Imbibing! (and safe driving)

TIP: Great for host/hostess, New Years or wedding gift

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sizzie said...

I ran through both part one and two and liked them all. You have such a good eye (and nose with aromatherapy).I love the champagne glasses. And it was fun to see the movie titles, you are right they are a great gift. Did you know Gloria Swanson was ONLY 51 years old when Sunset Blvd was released?