Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank You Blog Pals-O-Mine

On the first of the year, Sandy, from Indigo Goddess started a little group of birthday elves from the circle of friends she's made in blogland. It's like Secret Santa, kind of... Anyway, mine was the first on the list, and I was floored by the thoughtfulness and accuracy of these gifts, from people I have never met.

Melissa, of A Magickal Melis, sent me this amazingly beautiful journal that she made herself and a card with tons of really meaningful, joy filled statements -- such powerful affirmations. I was just blown away. Did she know that I collect journals and have kept them most of my life? Did she know the kinds of things she wrote were just what I needed to read?

Maggie from The Bee Charmer sent me the perfect thing too -- a nose and glasses, a set of lips (with candy on the other end) and a funny card. I guess she saw into my soul at some point to know this worked for me! I say it was a perfect fit as I have a rather large, though oft-clandestine funny bone.
Either that or she saw my Thanksgiving post and it gave me away.

How could I be so well known and so well treated by folks I've never met or not known for long?

There's a LOT of GOOD out there people. Tap into it, spread some of your own around!


Donna in AL said...
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nollyposh said...

Yep it's all about sharing the lurvvve! X:-)

jennlui said...

yay oh yay for blogland love!!! isn't it so amazing how people we have never met or known before can see us so much for who we are??? i think it's truly special!!!

so being the very tardy and delinquent gal that i have become, your little mail surprise left yesterday... oi!!! it's coming, better late then never!!! hee hee!!!

peace out

sizzie said...

You've met us all, Sydney, we just haven't all been in the same place at the same time. The best part of computer friends are that we can cut through all the ordinary things and go right to the heart of the matter. Its a much more efficient type of friendship. : )

meb said...

How sweet this was Sydney. You must feel so good to know that people from far away places think of you as a friend. You are a keeper!

~ maggie crawford ~ said...