Saturday, October 17, 2009

Never Too Early

I started this blog to comment on pop culture but also to recommend great products when I come across them.... and that included Great Gifts. 

This year Miss Type A (that would be me) decided she'd like to create a little more room between Thanksgiving and New Years Day so, I don't know if I will be able to post as many gift ideas as I did in the past here. Or I will start earlier... like now, for example.

For those of you who don't know, I was a professional shopper, stylist and gift buyer for many years.  It has always been one of my favorite things to do to find just the right gift for someone, and though there are some tried and true fall backs, I am always looking for something that has not been seen before. Often those things become big sellers later.

But I have been looking for some things extra early this year. I want the holidays to be less cluttered, so am determined to have at least the gifts that I wrap and send out of state all done and off before Thanksgiving. I've heard several people express the desire to have theirs done in this time frame too, so they can relax for real and enjoy holiday time and all the deeper things that the season is about -- time with family and friends, cooking and eating, volunteering and reflecting.  BEING even.

Also, so many of us are budgeting more than ever this year.  We may have decided to not give gifts but do things for someone, make or bake instead of buy, or find great things under $100, under $50, under $20.  

And of what we give, I know that there's a greater desire for things that are made from recycled materials or is earth friendly in some way.   So I will keep that criteria in mind and if I find something that just blows those bounds away, I will sneak it up... after all, there's no harm in looking! :-)

So please check back and pass this link along to all your pals... and don't forget that there's a plethora of ideas that I put up from last year , 90% of which are probably still available.  Just hit the GREAT GIFTS label on this home page and you will find them all.  

Happy Holidays to All!


Margo said...

I'm ready to start shopping. Keep um comin.


Sydney said...

You've got it Margo... that's lit a fire under my skirt!