Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cute and Affordable!

Thanks go to Commenter Laurie for recommending this great little site called LittleMissMatched.  There are brightly colored, whimsical things for kids though they have a furniture, books and toys, mens and women's section. There are many gifts under $10 and $20... The 100 % cotton baby kimono below is only $15!
Their gimmic is that things are mismatched but clearly go together.  Like these flip flops -- one of a dozen color combos at only $5 a pair!

Laurie put it best: "If you have young people in your life or are young-at-heart yourself (and you know you are) you will enjoy viewing and possibly buying some of these things. "

Their socks come in "missmatched" trios of singles in every color and pattern combo you can imagine -- truly unique. May sound odd, but it works. 

The trio of reversible colored pillows below are $30.

Just CLICK HERE or go to and click around on their site to see what I mean. Bookmark it for birthdays, party favors for your teens, teacher gifts, summer fun too.

Thank you Laurie!


Laurie said...

You are welcome, friend. My grown daughters and I have lots of the socks and enjoy wearing them even when others can't see them.

I know several school-aged kids who really love the socks, too. I have a grownup friend who bought the flip-flops at their store in Downtown Disney.

Sizzie said...

Such fun to see...I love the arm warmers.