Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, I really don't know why the publishers chose such a dreary title, but the subject sure is of the moment:  people with allergies and food sensitivities.

It seems everywhere I turn, someone is on a gluten-free diet. We know kids allergies to peanuts have grown to epic proportions.  I personally am fatally allergic to shellfish. It can make you feel a little -- or a lot -- left out. Once, folks with food allergies were thought to be whiners or hypochondriacs but now the world is starting to understand.   Now we have our own magazine!

How about a subscription (oh so affordable) to Living Without Magainze?

Just CLICK HERE or go to

and like the picture it says you can save close to 40% off the newsstand price. 

Articles in this month include: Pregnant and Gluten free, Sensitive to Soy, Autism and diet, Food and Feelings -- emotional wellness for food allergic kids, an article on your pet's seasonal allergies, how to deal with Halloween and allergies, recipes for delicious looking Rice dishes and a Thanksgiving Feast, and homemade breads, a doctor's column for questions, etc... 

I found a physical copy at Whole Foods. It can be nice when giving a subscription as a gift to roll up and wrap an actual copy of the magazine itself (good for stockings), but often the magazine will send you a card to notify your recipient or send one themselves. You can always write up your own card too.  The best thing about magazine subscriptions is that most of them are really affordable, and they last all year long. Every time it arrives, the person will think of you and -- not to sound like Martha Stewart --  THAT is a good thing!


Laurie said...

Nice idea, Sydney. I'm sure many people would be very happy to get this. I like magazine subscriptions as gifts because the gift just keeps on giving all year around!

Sydney said...

We think alike Laurie! Thank you for commenting. :-)

sizzie said...

Good find, Sydney. I sent it to Deb. She likes it, too.