Monday, November 2, 2009

Have You Seen Tupperware Lately?

How about some good old Tupperware? Or shall I say good new? This is the company that started it all. With categories like On the Go, Preparation, Refrigeration, and Cooks Tools, it's still the best from your mom's day and better than much that's on the store shelves.  A boggling array of cool products and colors.  If you haven't looked at their website lately, CLICK HERE!

Fashion Lunch set -- In this economy and age of food allergies, or just seeking healthier meals, you don't have to brown bag it anymore.  $25 (and $10 of it goes to Tupperware's charities. You can order or read more about it if you CLICK HERE)

Classics: Fridge stacker- saves space and keeps cold cuts, cheeses, veggies fresh. Great for working moms so kids can make sandwiches when they get home.  $17.50 CLICK  HERE

Quick shake container (great for health shakes, homemade dressings, and travels well. Whose to say you couldn't use it for martini's in a pinch? Just $12 CLICK HERE

Don't forget that you can also just
get a gift certificate and let someone have a ball looking through the site to choose exactly what they want. CLICK HERE to purchase. Since they start at only $1.00, these make great stocking stuffers or affordable gifts for someone at the office, church, etc... !!!


Natalie said...

I LOVE Tupperware,and I have one of those martini shakers, that we use for smoothies,home- made salad dressings etc...

Sizzie said...

Hi Sydney, I just stopped by to say Hi, Your mentions do make me want to go see the new deals at TW. Thanks.

Margo said...

Thanks for posting this. =D

I love your ideas.


Laurie said...

Over the years much of my Tupperware has disappeared. I still have a lot, though, including that "martini" shaker and the pitcher bowl that is used at least weekly for something.

I wonder if Harvest Gold and Avocado Green will ever make a comeback ... A lot of my Tupperware is in those colors!

meb said...

Margo, Kim was a TW Manager for years and to this day has our pantry organized with TW. It's a great product and lasts for years, obviously since she hasn't been in it since her kids were 4, 2 and 1. They're 24, 22, 21... guess I could have just said 20 years ago. Oh well, you learned in Vegas that I do talk alot so I guess this is proof, I type like I talk.

tonya black said...

I just startd selling tupperware and love it, i have some blogs also on tupperware, should check them out