Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sock Stuff from Container Store

The Container Store always has a fun collection of little gadgets and gizmos that make great stocking stuffers--especially for the grown ups on your list. Oh so MANY little things can be found by CLICKING HERE. You will find everything on this page there and far more. A little sampling of the best...

Starting with this -- a much more effective way to not burn hands than those little cardboard sleeves, this rubber coffee holder handle slips over most to go cups and it claims to fit into the holder in your car. In green or black for $4.99

How about a prescription bottle magnifier for that family member who really could use it? Clips right on to the bottle and makes seeing the doseage and the RX or pharmacy number easy. $3.99-9.99.

For your gym buddy/cyclist/skater --- A 100 % cotton terry cloth athletic towel with a corner zipper pocket to store keys, cell, ipod, ID. Has loop for easy hanging too. LOVE THIS. $12.99

How about this towel with slip in areas for hands to make wiping of a pet's paws a lot more graceful? Great for those who live in muddy, snowy or sandy places. Keep an extra in the car to use after taking the pooch for a run.... $15.99

For those who always sit on their glasses by accident, or hunt for them everywhere once they pull out of the garage, here's a great stocking stuffer! Clips onto visor. (Will attach to a book, notebook etc to keep your pen if you prefer). $4.99For the techno on your list, or for anyone who has a computer keyboard, which means just about EVERYBODY -- non-toxic green goo that grips and collects those little crumbs between the keys or any dust/dirt on the keys. I haven't tried it but I'm going to! So while I can't recommend it from experience, it seems like a great little stocking stuffer. $4.99

There are really about 60 of these on the link I gave you above... so don't let my picks steer you away if you don't see anything quite right. Stuffing stockings is my favorite thing to do so there will be many more suggestions as we get closer to Christmas time. Please check back frequently.

Also, you might check out last years suggestions, which you can find by clicking the label Stocking Stuffers. There are also a few hidden in Great Gifts posts... you can always scrolling through.

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