Monday, December 14, 2009

The Dopp Kit

Some guys, like my husband, may prefer this kind of water resistant, who-cares-if-it-gets-stained, hanging kit for toiletries, like this one. You can get that for $28. on sale by CLICKING HERE or just look for one in any of the stores you have nearby. IT's nice for every day use, or for travel - -hiking, biking, camping too. I'm putting it up to give you the idea.

But I always think a smart, classy gift for a man is an old fashioned leather dopp kit. Wonderful for the boss, a star performer at the office, your best client because it's personal, but not TOO personal.

Grandpa, Dad, husband, boyfriend... good for everyone. These do come in canvas and microfiber for the more active, casual, or younger man, and there are many offshoots of the design below (some have lower compartments that zip, for example).

Some can even be monogrammed. Here's one from that does it in embroidery right on the leather for only $54. And right now you can get 15% off personalized items using code GIFTS330. CLICK HERE!

Or it can be done with a little brass plate. This one in green is pictured without but if you CLICK HERE for J.Hume's products you will see the example. This one is $120 and it's $19 more for the plate... A lifetime guarantee comes with that expense... Also comes in buttercream canvas and leather.

This one's from Fossil, in black (as pictured) or honey brown leather for $50. CLICK HERE to see. I think this is an all around crowd pleasing design.

There's also a site called Ebags that I'm impressed with. Have ordered two purses by designer names and both were over 50% off. Plus they arrived within 48 hours with no big shipping charges. CLICK HERE for a link to a plethora of men's tolietry kits, all fabrics, colors and prices.

Check out this cool cream colored leather by Marc Jacobs. CLICK HERE to buy on sale from Zappos for $93 down from $128. Free shipping and guaranteed by 12/23 as of this date. It's my favorite of all. For the hip, urban man.
thanks to said cataloges/websites for pics

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