Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Reduce Your Forkprint"

That's the clever tag line for this unique and inexpensive gift item.

Have you heard of T0-Go ware? It's great stuff. I first discovered it when Oprah gave it away on her show and gave a discount coupon to all who are members of her website. I went on, I ordered, and not only do I use it, I'm giving some away this Christmas. Then I saw it in Whole Foods and other natural products stores...

Well, I'm no Oprah but I do have a 25 % off code for you that's good til 12/25/09 on purchases of only $10 or more. Just write in HOLIDAY25 when you order thru the website.

There are two things I reccommend... perfect for the green ones on your list. These bamboo silverware sets are stylish, compact and go anywhere easily. They come alone or as a set in a variety of canvas cases (I like the one with a snap closure AND a caribener clip pictured) so carry them in your purse, car, back pack, or briefcase..

Great for frequent travelers, stocking stuffers, picnickers or someone like me who eats on the go but hates to waste those plastic utensils over and over (we can forget those are piling up as much as those plastic water bottles and never biodegrade!). Plain silverware set pictured above is only $7.50, ones in this canvas holder are $11.95 (five colors, order sets of 5 for less) and each pack also comes with bamboo chopsticks.

My other recommendation are Tiffin sets... consider them as metal tupperware that interconnect to make for easy carrying. For hot or cold foods. I saw these all over India, where perhaps rice is in the top container and a soup, salad or entree is on the bottom. And each come with the little tin you see in the picture for dressings or whatever. Great for the increasing number of folks with allergies or special diets who like to bring their own food with them, perfect replacement for the lunchpail yet equally chic and interesting for the executive who lunches at their desk.

They suggest you give them stuffed with your own fudge or cookies... a nice double gift. And you can also order custom made shoulder bags making carrying them a hands free deal.

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Thanks to To-Go Ware for the pictures

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