Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still an Art

In this world of technology, the hand written note is even that much more valued.  Why not give him or her a box of notes. Very affordable. Some of the better names can be found at your local stationer but here are some links to click:  the classic and reliable Crane & Co.  Pick a gray with navy blue trim or their classic cream with a gold initial for men... 

Kate Spade has very modern,  uptown girly designs can be found through Cranes.  And then there's my favorite -- Vera Wang. Elegant, subtle, lovely stuff. 

And for the kids on your list or the kid in you try Design-her Gals personalized Stationery.They do feature guy characters as well, so don't let their name limit you. Here you can pick a character, dress them up, pick accessories, create a statement and then make up personalized
 cards and stationery featuring that character! $45 for 25 cards and envelopes.

You can include a fountain pen like the Varsity made by Pilot (found at most Office Depots and Staples, even at Boarders) or some pretty stamps to go with the gift. Comes in a rainbow of ink colors... blue, pink, violet, for about $2.99 each.

And this year the post office is offering some great stamp designs (from elegant Kings and Queens to the fun and funny Simpsons) or go for "Forever" stamps, which will retain their value even if rates go up...

thanks to Oprah.com for stationery photo

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