Saturday, December 12, 2009

Toy Land

Toys go fast so call ahead before you drive and see if they have it (you can even ask if will reserve the item for you behind the counter... at this time of year, maybe they will say no, but you don't know til you ask!).

Hasbro's FurReal Pets:

One of the hottest toys this season arrived at my doorstep thanks to my good friend Lola. I am terribly allergic to cats but love them. I put the wrapped box under the tree and it meowed. SO of course I had to open it (I'm a grown up, I don't have to wait til Christmas!). Inside was a carmel and white kitty who closes his eyes and purrs when I pet him. When I left him in a cozy corner on the couch to go back to my desk, he continued to meow every now and then. If I pet him for a long time, he actually goes to sleep purring (also rolls over so I can scratch his belly, washes his face, etc). To see a video and check out all the other furreal animals (a peep a boo playing panda, a cuddling chimp, dogs, other cats, birds, a hamster, a bunny, polar bear, chipmunk, piglet, honey bear, tiger cub. I've even seen a Furreal Pony but it's about $189-400....) Baby furreal animals can be found as low as $28, and I'm finding the cat above in the $50's and $60's on Google. For the site, CLICK HERE.
(a commenter wrote me asking if the fur is REAL and it is not. The paw pads, nose and ears are also made of plastic, no leather involved. Their name just means they are furry and realisitc!)

A simple pleasure with a little pizazz. The Razor Spark Scooter is made a little more exciting by having a spark bar off the back wheel ... when stepped on it creates real sparks. was normally $69 but on sale at Walmart for only $49 last week, but you can also find it at Sports Authority as pictured here for $59.

Last year I recommended Optimus Prime, this year it's Bumblebee. Transformers Voice mixer helmut. I got one for my husband so it even fits adults. Supah Kool! Found everywhere from Sears to Kohls and all the usual toy stores.Prices vary from $30-80 so shop around before you buy. CLICK HERE for a variety of places and Google for more.

More for Transformers fans-- RPMs Construction Devastator showdown Track Set with 9 cars. Lights up and features the voices of Optimus Prime and Construction Devastator for about $35 at all the stores listed above. CLICK HERE for a sampling of stores. There are also plenty of Revenge for the Fallen action figures and of course, the DVD's...

Air Hogs Laser Zero Gravity Racer sounds and looks super cool... Supposedly this car chases a beam light streaming out from the laser gun... supposedly on floor, walls AND ceiling! I haven't witnessed it myself, but check it out and make your own call. You can find it at Amazon by CLICKING HERE or at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, etc... prices range from $27-53.oo apparently by car color, red being most expensive. Hmmm...

Plush new born baby dolls are soft and huggable. Mocha Newbie Dolls are adorable, 10.5 " high, boy or girl. ON SALE til 12/14 for only $15 for details and ordering CLICK HERE


My goal for this year was to bring you things approx $50 or under but this was too good not to mention even though it's for more.... Motorized, obeys over 40 voice commands, quotes from Star Wars of course...and will even answer yes and no questions and follow you around, among other things. CLICK HERE to order from Hammacher Schlemmer. You can see a little video of it in action too. Cracks me up that you need 4 AA batteries to run all this. $189.95 15" H x 7 1/2" W x 10 1/2" L. (6 lbs.)

Look at this cool bank! It's copper plated and is a great little gift for that someone who is learning the value of honest Abe and savings... $38 -- 7"W x 2-1/2"D x 7-1/2"H.
CLICK HERE to order from Sundance.

Also from Sundance, these charming stuffed safari animals... As they say, "Nothing against Teddy.." Made of natural, hand-washable wool by a women's cooperative in Kenya. 9-13" tall, giraffe is taller. $35 CLICK HERE to order.

I will post more, but since these are the last ordering days to be delivered before X-mas and supplies are going fast, I'll publish this for now.

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