Monday, December 14, 2009

Tried Taigan?

Many thanks to my friend Jessica from NY who connected me with this fantastic site.
CLICK HERE or go to

I can't describe it to you, except to say that it is a visually beautiful site that offers very well chosen stores -- fine specialty shops and boutiques -- that all are available to you through this one site. Many have never been online, so it's easy to shop for the unusual... things not in the chain stores.

You still have time to get things delivered so rush on by... and book mark it for gifts all through the year -- and don't forget the ones for yourself!

Apparently you need to become a member ($15 a month)... but RIGHT NOW it's FREE for 14 days, which is all you need, right?

Seriously, don't let that stop you... Go ahead, give the link a click and just take a peek.

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