Thursday, December 9, 2010

Napa Fire Pots

So coooooool! Never seen anything like these before.

Saw something new walking down 19th Street in the Heights. My reaction was all oooh and aaah and I noticed that was the same as the serveral other people who were gathered around the display table. They are Napa Firepots.

I looked it up the first chance I got and while I'd like to ask for one for Christmas, I'm ordering it! Some, like this blue and the red one, are only $27.50

These burn on a gel fuel oil which is apparenty odorless and burns clean. The flame is substantial but not scary big. No mess, no ashes, no drip. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, some of which are pictured here.

You must get on the site and click around for yourself. Larger fireplace kinds range in the $70's, $300-500's and in the $800's for full wooden mantles.

There are outdoor and indoor models, and you can order extra oil in a variety of sizes. There are some perfect as fire-pit substitutes for the patio or garden....
The copper colored one below is only $59. But the for $27.50 you can line your walkway at a back yard party or put one on a table top.


dla said...

I love these!! And I love this blog every year... thanks for sharing! :)

Rochelle said...

You are a great supporter.

woodswoman d'italia said...

BEAUTIMOUS! I love them, especially the second one, I think. Or is it the third? Now I can't go back to see it without disrupting this, but it is the diamond shaped one that looks a bit enclosed and all silvery.

You choose so well and I don't know where you get the time!

gel firepot said...

fire pots work not only as a home accessory outdoors, but also indoors such as in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room.

Woodswoman Abroad said...

I too love these, love candles, love lights. But after two house fires within 9 months, I'm so paranoid!!! I have round candles that float in water, and the other night I blew them out. Later I came downstairs and smelled smoke, and one of the wicks just didn't go out completely . . . just like the start of my first house fire, though that candle had coffee beans embedded in it. Lovely to look at, but coffee beans get hot and explode into flames!

Still . . . I just love these . . . and the stones that have the flames in them . . . sigh! Thanks for this post.

iUniverse said...

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