Friday, December 9, 2011

Affordable, Delicious Cookie Gifts

These are the best cookies! Imported from Germany, they are delicious, light and fancy looking, and only about $3.50 a box. They can be found at most grocery stores and even in the corner bodegas in New York city. You'd think these would be in the imports or foreign food section but look for them in the regular cookie aisle; they're usually near the Pepperidge Farm. You can also find them by Googling, if you are somewhere that does not have them. Amazon offers them too, but by the case...

The three I recommend: the two Waffeletons, delicate and flaky rolled thin waffle cones, half dipped in chocolate - milk or dark.

Or the Nuss Dessert- hazelnut biscuits with the most subtle, creamy filling -- like an oval Oreo.

I give the Waffeleton cookies every time I give someone a bottle of champagne. They are also great if you are making up gift baskets, and nicely wrapped, could be equal to giving someone a box of chocolates (and far less costly). They fit nicely in that long top part of a stocking too... just sayin'.

TIP: Making gift baskets this year? Why not put a good book, bubble bath, a candle and a box of these cookies together for the stressed out worker, new mom or grandparent in your life?

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