Friday, December 9, 2011

Flannel Pajamas from Victoria's Secret

I get a new set (or two, to be honest) every year. They are comfortable, true to size (meaning they aren't so baggy you don't look kind of hot-cute, but are roomy enough to sleep comfortably in) with a flattering cut. The two breast pocket flaps are positioned high enough to work for you instead of against you. The pant waist is elastic, but does not add pounds by being puffy, and they are slightly set as low riders on your hips. Nice.

If you CLICK on the different color swatches on their website, you will see these details as the models pose differently in each. As the three bears would say, the flannel is juuuust right in weight... not too heavy and very soft... so these work whether you live in Arizona or Antartica.

For about $50 --- but  they usually put these on sale in December. If you are on their mailing lists, they've been sending out $10 off cards every few weeks. You can order here or find them in your local store, though there you will find far less patterns than the plethora offered in the catalog.

I have both of these pictured above. The black and pink plaid has a thread of sparkly silver that runs through it... very subtle, but adds pizazz. And a little pizazz in your PJ's ain't a bad thing on cold winter nights...

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