Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gifts for the Spiritual or Religious

This was a favorite list from a previous year that I have updated as they are classic items I'd still recommend today....

Hardly a comprehensive list, here are just a few mentions:

The Priests -- A wonderful CD, many songs in latin. Like the three tenors with more of the haunting calm of gregorian chants. This was playing in a really hip housewares store in

Houston and I ran out and bought it for myself and a few people I know, none of whom are religious. You can listen at iTunes or on your next trip to your local CD store. If not, I've seen it in Barnes and Noble.

Shelia Chandra -- Roots and Wings: Ethereal, wonderful, echoing songs. Shelia uses her voice like an instrument. Good for the yogini too. Indian Western synth pop is their description, but it doesn't do justice to the haunting beauty of these atmospheric songs.

A Jewish Oddessy --A compilation of music put together by the international folks at Putumayo.

JEWELRY, etc..
James has a really clean, classy selection of high quality jewlery -- pendants, rings, bracelets, wall crosses. While it's Christian for the most part, there are some items that
feature hebrew lettering.

Heavenly -- Another place that offers lovely things - hearts, peace, animal themed as well. One friend ordered a prayer box necklace (see picture). It's a little box that you can wear around your neck that opens like a locket. She puts a prayer in there and wears it. She changes it depending on what she's facing in life.

I have recomended this site before -- Satyajewelry. High quality for very reasonable prices, with stones and symbols like OM, Lotus, Ganesh, etc... that have spiritual properties. Pictured is a very pretty Star of David necklace in brushed gold. 

One World Books and Treasures -- Unique, select gifts for those who don't subscribe to one faith or who promote interfaith. On home page, the column to left lists many categories, and they have books and CD's too.  CLICK HERE

A Mezuzah for the door frame is a nice gift if someone Jewish has moved into a new home or apartment. There are a mind boggling array of designs to be found in a religious store near you or on the internet.

The Seekers Guide by Elizabeth Lesser. I heard this was out of print (though seems new copies can be found through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or through their used booksellers links). A FABULOUS book for people who are looking to find some kind of spirituality, if not religion. The founder of the esteemed Omega Institute in upstate New York, Lesser reads like letters from an old friend, writing with ease and clarity about things that are usually hard to put into words. Covers all kinds of practices and paths. CLICK HERE

Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith -- this is my teacher, who also appeared in The Secret, among many roles, the founder of Agape International in LA. He also has several CD's out of his entertaining, energetic "sermons". I recommend also a CD on Life Visioning, where he walks you through the process. CLICK HERE for that.

Or, CLICK HERE for an abundance of his work, as well as lots of New Thought and Metaphysical reading -- good for anyone seeking, those who are Unitarian Universalists, Unity, Religious Science, and the like.
The Life Recovery Bible -- The bible as a blueprint for the recovery process. Maybe something to puruse if you have someone on your list who is struggling to overcome (I also love You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, in book form, with CD's of sessions with Louise herself, or the new DVD she has made about the Principles).

The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary -- One of the basic books of Charles FIllmore's thinking (founder of Unity) on what names, events and symbols from the bible mean in a metaphysical sense.

How about a beautiful gift edition of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

The Gift by Hafiz, and Essential Rumi by Jalal al-Din Rumitwo incredible sufi poets, whose writings are so clear and relevant to today. You can also sign your loved one up to receive daily quotes from Rumi via e-mail.

Illuminata by Marianne Williamson -- An older book, but, a classic I think. A lovely collection of non-denominational prayers for every person and occasion.

The Greatest Words Ever Spoken --Steve K. Scott. New in hardcover this takes all the statements of Christ and categorizes them so your loved one can easily refer to what Jesus said about
many topics.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz -- if they don't already have this, it's a good, short, easy book to give to anyone. Described as "A practical guide to personal freedom" from self-limiting beliefs, this has been read by many and it's principles, if applied make for a more joyous life.

Simple Abundance -- A book that cultivated gratitude in the heart, 365 days of the year. If they already have it, try to companion Journal of Gratitude-- both by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Chop Wood, Carry Water by Rick Fields A zen-like classic, a guide to finding spiritual fulfillment in daily life. Also may like EveryDay Sacred, a woman's journey home by Sue Bender.

Look for anything by Mother Theresa, Pope Paul, Ghandi, Jimmy Carter, Pema Chodrin.

The Shack by William P. Young A recent bestseller about a man's journey to a shack after the death of a son and his reconciliation with a god he'd been angry with. CLICK HERE to get a better description and reviews, or to buy.

Christ the Lord series by Anne Rice The author of the famous Vampire Chronicles was called back to her Catholic faith and felt called to write her idea of Jesus's life in his childhood and adolescent years that we hear so little about. A radical departure from her former subject matter, a richly imaginative and descriptive read for anyone, regardless of beliefs. CLICK HERE

Charlton Heston Presents The Bible-- What better voice to hear speak these words? A&E did a documentary of this which you can google to find but also you can CLICK HERE. There is a companion book.

TIP: There's also DVD's/VHS's of the bible read aloud while the words (in extra large type) are projected on the screen. Just have to google a little to find them.

THESE ARE THE BEST!!! Meditation CD's by Jon Kabat-Zinn -- the creator of Mindlfullness Meditation, these tapes are GREAT for non-meditators, but those would benefit, especially for medical reasons. Series ONE (pictured) starts with two 10 minute guided meditations, one sitting and one lying down, progress to two 20 minute of the same, and then several themed hour meditations. Great for the experienced meditator too. CLICK HERE

As I mentioned, this list could go on to infinity. Just put some things here for anyone who is looking for a place to start. I'd love any and all suggestions in the comments re: any and all faiths, the simply spiritual and the still seeking...

Keep Scrolling down for many varied gift ideas or click the categories to the right! And keep an eye out for shopping tips highlighted in violet ink!

all photos respectfully borrowed from recommended wesbistes


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Mannes Carman said...

These are great selections to choose from, just a perfect way to express your love to someone by bringing them closer to God. The books mentioned here are great ways to help others regain their faith and get up on their feet again. You are not only expressing your emotions through your actions; you are also helping another person enrich his/her spiritual life.

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