Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Great Gift: The BEST Chicken Pot Pie

OH - MA - GAH!

Yep, I'm afraid that's what your recipient will exclaim after the first (and the second and the third) bite of this amazing chicken pot pie from Harry and David. The digitized photo that I grabbed does it an injustice so please click the link to see it in it's proper delectable grandeur.

You can send one for $39.95 (up $10 from last year!!) but if you buy two you get 50% off the second, so that's  two for $59.92. This also makes a great option if you want to bypass the holidays, or are ordering too late to get it there in time. Last year I sent this out as a New Years gift, so they could enjoy it in the first few days of the new year. After all the cooking and baking and stress and effort of the holidays, it can be a really welcome thing to just pop something this delicious in the oven and wind down with that kind of celebratory meal.

Try sending it to yourself, as something you can bring to a pot luck or if you are going to someone else's place for the holiday meal. You'll be a star without having to go to the grocery store or make a mess in the kitchen.

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