Saturday, December 10, 2011

The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

Introducing one of the greatest little gifts of all time... The iPod Nano. This .074 oz (21.1 gms) tiny, colorful little clip on square contains the world... Height: 1.48 inches (37.5 mm) X W: 1.61 inches (40.9 mm) X D: 0.35 inch (8.78 mm) including clip

  • It carries all your playlists, but also your podcasts and audio books.
  • Keeps your favorite photos so you can always have them on hand to show ppl - whether it's the grandkids or your last all-night rave pix.
  • It's a pedometer and fitness tracker. Great for runners too.
  • Acts as a watch, with your choice of  8 or more faces.
  • It comes with headphones... 
  • You can get FREE engraving on the back.
  • FREE shipping if you order online - or, in the order process, you can check your local store and they will let you know if you can pick it up in stock there. Both ways - FREE.
  • And it comes in all these colors above... 7 in all.
In a word: BEST! BUY! SOLD! DONE! As in... my work is done here. $149 for 16G. (8G should be enough unless your recipient wants to put all their songs, photos, podcasts and audio books on there).

NOW, if that's out of your price range, consider a Shuffle:

It's only 2G's and only holds songs, but that may be all someone you know wants. Great for music lovers who want something small and simple, without all the bells and whistles, perfect for working out. In the old days, it was just one long set of music but now you can load several playlists and click through them. While there's no display, you can press a button that will speak the name of the playlist, or song title, artist  you're hearing - in one of 25 languages.  It's $49 with headphones and USB plug  and FREE personalized engraving.

You can probably still order it online but this is one you can easily buy in this last week. Just give your local Apple store a call to make sure they have them in stock and head over there.


TIP: Remember that these need to connect to a computer to load - so if it's for grandpa or mom and they aren't into it, you can still load these up before hand with their favorite stuff, or have an enjoyable "date" with them do pick things out they'd like to have on there before you do it for them.


Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

I just got a shuffle to have 'walking' music on and for a recent road trip, I downloaded from iTunes, a bunch of podcasts of one of my favorite NPR shows, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and another interview program I like, Fresh Air. Super price and very usedful!

Rochelle said...

I just got one for myself Teri - and I load a lot of NPR podcasts on it. There's a cuople of great author interview series put out by Barnes and Noble too. One is called Meet The Writer, hosted by Katherine Lanhper and the other is called Barnes and Noble One on One.