Sunday, December 11, 2011

Truly Unique Glassware

These glasses are just beautiful. There's something about the quality of the glass, how the light reflects off and through them. Each one in the set is different, with their own subtle design details -- besides being a lovely set, your guests will never mix up which glass is theirs.

They weigh almost nothing. Very delicate. These pictures don't do them justice, but it's what I have to show you.

You can get this set of stemless flutes (which is a real plus - I have a theory that we all break them because of that stem) and/or the shorter, wider wine or cocktail glasses - set of 6 for $78, Set of 12 for $138.

In case that link is out, you can find them at Napa Style HERE, though they are $99 for six. I will leave both links up in case the less expensive ones sell out. They are dishwasher safe but you will probably want to wash them by hand... 

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dla said...

Oh, I am loving the stemless champagne flutes!! The picture makes me want to uncork a bottle and begin celebrating... Thank you for sharing!