Monday, June 11, 2012

The New French Mix Nail Polishes

Early Stocking stuffer? Bridesmaid gifts? For the Sweet Sixteen party goodie bag? To bring to Grandma to brighten her day?

I saw these new nail polish duos by Revlon in Bed Bath and Beyond of all places, displayed as such:

And here are some of the trends that you can duplicate -- coloring just one nail a different color, or alternating... and doing a reverse French manicure by highlighting the nail bed moon instead of tips, though I imagine you'd have to have a steady hand for getting it even like the flawless picture of icy blue and white below...

 Or this fun take off on the French tips with one nail color flip-flopped.  

And let's not forget, you can just use each simply as a plain polish, and you just get two for one in the bottle, like the second one down which has a neutral off-white and a light pink...

Keep your eyes peeled for them in CVS and Walgreens, Target etc.... They were about $9 each.

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