Saturday, November 24, 2012

BetaBrand's Holiday Pants for Men

Many thanks to my friend Neilan Tyree, sartorial god of Los Angeles and Alabama, head of Neilan Tyree Exterior Designs, who turned me on to these: Nauseating Holiday Pants!  And if these are not for you, click the link and spend some time on their site - it's nothing short of GREAT.

As described by Betabrand: Christmas-sweater-party season is almost upon us! And while Betabrand applauds the notion of wearing that supremely hideous macrame turtleneck knit by your Aunt Gertrude, we think it’s only appropriate to delight your fellow partygoers with a truly awful ensemble. Hence, our limited-edition Nauseating Holiday Pants!
Oh no, silly Mrs. Claus used rotten cream in her eggnog, and now everyone at the North Pole is as sick as can be! Santa’s puking presents! Rudolph’s retching candy canes! The floor of Santa’s workshop is a steaming fetid mess!
Lucky for you, we were able to lovingly recreate this scene on a pair of trousers. We hope you’ll agree that this is some of the most ho-ho-horrendous holiday apparel you’ve ever seen. (Need even more nausea in your life? We also made a matching apron.)
They are clearly beautifully made - just look at the detail work and lining. For the hip or hilarious dad, brother or uncle in the fam... 
Limited time deal (as of this date): 
Buy anything on their site now and get 20% off!!!
CLICKETH THEE HERE - they have a plethora of beautiful things, so give it a look certainly if these pants are not for you... 
Important sizing info: HOW DO THEY FIT?
Straight legged, relaxed fit. Not baggy. These pants tend to run a bit large, so if you don't know your exact waist size, be conservative. Between sizes? Order a size down.
Machine washable 

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