Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Caramel Corn Cobs - and Christmas specials.

Ohhhh people, these are marvelous, or the other word for marvelous, which is DEADLY good. 
These caramel cord cobs are cute and the chewiest things EVER. 
SO soft and CHEWY.
I give them the highest honor.

(And they make great stocking stuffers too)

You can order an 8 pack at CaramelCob.Com for 11/92 for minis or 15.92 for normal size (pictures)

Many love this sweet treat - why give yours in the typical tin drum this year? 

Best of all, they make seasonal mini's for Christmas and Easter, Halloween and Fourth of July.
The plain one below, in mini or full size, can be give for Hannukah and Kwanza or as New Years party treats. There is plain caramel, peanut caramel and Caramel apple flavors. 
Trust me. Just click the link!!

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