Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Miracle Product - Le Mer Creams

FIVE STAR ALERT!! CREME DE LA MER: Aptly named, their Ultra-Rich Cream this is the creme de la creme of creams, worth every single penny. It is pricey, yes, but  a pair of dress shoes, a nice dinner or a bottle of champagne (or two) can cost the same; depends on your frame of mind and priorities.

These products contain something they call Miracle Broth - invented by NASA scientist Max Huber, to treat severe chemical burns that he incurred during a explosion at work to cure his skin. It worked so well, he marketed it and sold it, which, after his death, his daughter continued until Estee Lauder got the rights to do so.

They say you can tell a person's age by their hands - and mine have always looked...challenged. Even when I was 15 they weren't the smooth, delicate things I see  on others... so I actually use Le Mer cream on my hands where it makes a marked difference, as it will on your neck or under your eyes. It only takes a small amount and you see immediate, visible results. Use over time works miracles. Being allergic-prone, I have put this on eternally irritated, sensitive skin patches that in the past needed medicated creams, and within 3 days use the condition vanished.

1 oz is $160, 2 oz is $295 (I get for this for the savings - it lasts 3-4 months when used sparingly). The one I'm raving about is the CREAM (not the gel version).

Then there's the bottles of serum, which is the concentrated version of what's in the cream. There are 4 to choose from, (the one called Concentrate is one for use to help heal post-plastic surgery.

Another good one in the line is the Eye Concentrate, but I hate to tell you it's $165 for .5 oz. Still, it's cheaper than a face lift or frequent injections and facials...  

Now I'm making a distinction, as they have many products in the line. None are bad per se, but those I've mentioned are very special and well worth the price. I have tried their hand and body lotion, but it's just lotion, nice as it is. It is not what I'm raving about here.

TIP: You can try other products in the sample size, as you get to pick 2 of those tiny tubes of any of their products to try free with your order. Or order just your favorite item as they are great for travel and unlike most samples, the tubes are actually full.  

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