Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Little Bit of AWESOME!

littleBits: LOVE these!! Good for all (this is something you'll WANT to do with your kids if you like ) but certainly for your budding mechanic, scientist, engineer, mathematician, or designer... I think tweens and even teens would like this too.

Here's a snippet from one reviewer: They're essentially tiny circuit boards with unique and simple functions. For example, attach the battery for ‘a little bit of juice’ to the blue circuit. Attach to the blue circuit a pink one with a knob in the middle, and then a green on. Turn the knob, and you can dim or brighten the light on the green circuit. So each bit encourages kids that much more to just have fun and use their imaginations.   Here's the video, though it's a little dry...

They’re magnetic, so all you have to do is snap them together, and then see what happens. The little circuits are color coded, so viewing the instructions on how to piece things together is simple. Once you have the basic functions of the pieces down, you can head off and make your own creations, and it really only takes a few tries to figure out what each thing does. You really have to click the littleBits hyperlink I gave to get it. Click SHOP to find them individually, or in kits, from $29 to $149. Much more affordable in the latter...

Here's a pic of the Holiday kit, which you can also buy on Amazon for $49.00. Pass the word on this one.

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