Friday, December 14, 2012

GREAT Yoga Pants -- a steal!

In the gym yesterday I stopped a girl to ask where she got her pants from. They were dark black, and fit like a dream. It can be hard to find that combination, simple as it is. City Lights used to make them and now Aerie does (that's an offshoot of American Outfitters).

These yoga/workout pants have a great soft, roll-down waist instead of hard elastic - hence the term Yoga part. Easy to bend in them.

They have straight leg versions but the wide leg is always most flattering to any thigh, proportionately. And you can find the waist band in black, but also a variety of bright colors, some plain, some with lace overlays, or striped or - my fave - sequins.

Price varies from $19-35TIP: BUT as of this publication, they are offering free shipping AND and additional 40% off. USE CODE 23815931

The standard jet black- great fit on legs and bum area.

Colors come in solids with or without lace overlay shown above.
And this is the straight leg version

Slim fit wide leg shimmer (silver sequins at the waist)

This last one is on sale for only $19. 
The vee gives the impression of a longer waists -- or shows it off if it's your best feature!

I just ordered the black slim fit wide legs and the black that have a vee in front  for only $35 total.

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