Friday, December 7, 2012

Jewelry for the Soul

It's called Soul Journey Jewelry, from by Jill Boylan, a wonderful jewelry artist who hand crafts each of these beautiful pieces with the highest Intentions, right here in the USA -- In California to be exact. Each stone is handpicked for ultimate healing energies.

Watch this video for the best explanation, and in order to select something truly special for the person on your list (or yourself!).

                                      Click HERE for her Etsy shop

The first picture is the bracelet for Infinite love and Peace which can either be a triple wrap bracelet or a necklace. The second is strength and stability. $72

This next, fabulously colored wrap is made from Tiger's eye and Carnelian, which work together to fortify your connection to beautiful Mother Earth.
22" long, this triple wrap bracelet also doubles as a necklace!  $72.

Strengthen your Soul by wearing blue lace agate and amethyst together for this potent balance of hand picked, power gemstones!  This color combination is very striking and pleasing to most tastes. 

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