Friday, December 7, 2012

What IS It With The Holiday Pants?

I say go for it....

Bonobos offers an array of festive fun that will have everyone talking about what you wore to the party. The quality and fit is top notch. All the below are straight leg with medium rise- a very flattering cut.

TIP: As of this posting, spend $150+ and save 25% with the code SNOWDAY25. Save 30% off orders of $250+ with code SNOWDAY30.

How about the Panta Claus for $110? 100% washed cotton chinos. One leg red, one green. BRIGHT.

Or the 100% wool Tannenbaum Holiday Plaid dress pants for $228. I quite like these. He will have these for years, so divide $228 by that and it's a deal. It's certainly incentive to still fit into them as time marches on :)

For whimsical tastes there's more: Get him Tiny Prancers for $118, 100% cotton washed chinos with SUBTLE little deers on green. (Yes, we can SEE that it's green!)

Want a design to last all winter? Polar Opposites, their penguin and polar bear pattern on brown cords.

They also have Hannukah pants - embroidered menorahs on navy. Working on that post next...  Please check back.

The Bonobos site has beautiful shirts, sweaters, henlys, and coats to go with these. Decent prices for the quality... You might want to take advantage of the discount in my TIP and get a whole outfit!

Thank you to dashing fashion expert Neilan Tyree of Neilan Tyree Exterior Design for passing this along.

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