Thursday, November 14, 2013

Comfy Shoes Don't Have to Mean Ugly Shoes

The days of having orthopedic shoes as the only way to deal with problem tootsies (not that we can't still have orthodic inserts) are long gone. If it was a matter of living in a walking city we often had to resort to changing from heels or wingtips into mournfully wrong-looking tennis shoes with our business suit or dress and fancy purse and briefcases to get around when not at work, though in the 80's it almost was a kind of trend... for 15 minutes.

Kissing goodbye the Earth Shoe of the 70's, we can now choose from smart casual designs by  Rockport, Clarks, Aerosoles, and the Naturalizer to name a few. Dansko's are sturdy and funky-functional for people who must be on their feet all day. A staple for nurses and cooks. Have wide feet? Try Munroe pumps or boots found HERE.

But did you know that Kenneth Cole makes some of the more comfortable dress shoes, as well as Cole Haan, who uses Nike insole technology in many of their styles both for men and women? Taryn Rose is expensive but has beautiful and really stylish women's shoes. There are several more for business or evening chic, both previously hard to find, which you can read about HERE.  I have sampled each of the ones mentioned.

Friends have highly recommended shoes called GO WALK by Sketchers.  You can find them for $59 of in Sketchers stores, online HERE and many places on the internet. 

They also raved about another style of Sketchers called the EZ Flex... They're on Zappos HERE with free shipping for $60. They only carry black and natural, but they come in other colors. They're also on Amazon (what isn't these days?), so surf around.

And for $52.00 I found these - apropos --which feel like you're walking on clouds, pack easily and come in an ever-changing variety of unique, funky fabrics. 

Just fyi, the insoles are not removable on either of the last two shoes mentioned, but you should not need them to be, for those looking to put orthodics in. Once in awhile you have to buy a pair that can't use orthodics, and they need to be comfortable. These may be your option.

Visit their website at  or call 800-746-3724. 

TIP: If you're in Boston, you can find them in a little stall in Faneuil Hall.

A note from the makers:
àpropos shoes are available in full and half sizes from 5-1/2 through 12. When ordering, we recommend that you use your sneaker size or the largest shoe-size in your closet even if this is not your most popular shoe size. (For some, our shoes run slightly shy so it is best to go to the furthest end of your size).

Click around on the internet to find the full array of styles for all the makers mentioned here, some at greater discounts than others. TIP: Call your local department stores before you drive there to see if they carry all mentioned here.

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Laurie said...

Thanks! I love my Sketcher GoWalks and have been wearing Clarks for years. Now I want to try those apropos ballet slippers because they are just too cute.

Rochelle said...

Thank you for one of the suggestions Laurie! I bought two pair of the Apropos myself!!