Sunday, November 24, 2013

Great Little Wine Chiller

Introducing the Corkcicle.  A GREAT little gift that will be used again and again and again by your wine loving friends. Works for bringing iced tea or lemonade, etc... on picnics in decorative neck-bottles as well.

Forego the need for an ice bucket - and all that melting too soon and  dripping water off the bottle. Or diluting your wine with ice - eek! like wearing white after Labor Day (though I did it all the time... until I got this). Made of BPA-free plastic, is filled with a food grade, reusable freeze gel. Chill in freezer for w hours, pour your first glass of chilled white and insert into the wine bottle, using the top as a plug and you're all set. For red, if you like to have it slightly cooled, just pour a taste in your glass to make room for it in the bottle. Hand wash only.

The cheapest I found it so far is $22 HERE at Kitchen and Company. They can be bought in neon colors as well HERE at Bed Bath and Beyond. TIP: Enter code FS49 for free shipping at BB&B any day on orders over $49.

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