Saturday, November 30, 2013


Avid biker who lives in the city on your list? I had several pals who went everywhere in Manhattan (in ALL weather, I bow to them) on two wheels, and lived to tell... and repair. This would be a welcome gift: The Urban Biking Handbook- The DIY Guide to Building, Rebuilding, Tinkering with, and Repairing Your Bicycle for City Living by Charles Haine - ON AMAZON for $17 paperback, $11.99 Kindle. 
Know a Music Lover? A Songwriter? David Byrne has gotten rave reviews. "A remarkable and buoyant celebration of a subject he's spent a lifetime thinking about. He explains how profoundly music is shaped by its time and place, and how the advent of recording technology forever changed our relationship to playing, performing, and listening to music. Acting as historian and anthropologist, raconteur and social scientist, he searches for patterns—and tells us how they have affected his own work with Talking Heads and many collaborators over the years." Best price at BARNES & NOBLE - $15.99

Mom's One Line a Day is just what it says... for busy moms who mourn how time flies so fast when you're raising kids. SO many things to remember but no time to write it down? Just do a line or two a day in this one volume which has room enough for 5 years of every day memories. Even if you skip here and there, imagine the treasure trove this will be to you, and your kids, and their spouses and kids someday, for the effort. ON AMAZON for just $15.26.

If Kennedy Lived by Jeff Greenfield Visit your local bookstore to find this but it's available ON AMAZON for $18.96 hardcover or $10.95 for Kindle. What would happen to his life, his presidency, his country, his world if JFK didn't die?  Jeff Greenfield created an “utterly compelling” (Joe Klein), “riveting” (The New York Times), “eye-opening” (Peggy Noonan), “captivating” (Doris Kearns Goodwin) exploration of three modern alternate histories, “with the kind of political insight and imagination only he possesses” (David Gregory). Based on memoirs, histories, oral histories, fresh reporting, and his own knowledge of the players, the book looked at the tiny hinges of history—and the extraordinary changes that would have resulted if they had gone another way.

Let's Bring Back: The Lost Language Edition: A Collection of Forgotten-Yet-Delightful Words, Phrases, Praises, Insults, Idioms, and Literary Flourishes from Eras Past. History is positively brimming with rich words deserving of rejuvenation. Lesley M. M. Blume gathers forgotten words, phrases, names, insults, and idioms, plus fascinating and funny anecdotes, etymologies, and occasions for use. At B&N for $15.66.

How about giving hours of potential fun?  The Ultimate Book of Card Games - the consumate guide to over 350 games. Perfect for the player of bridge, solitaire, etc.  Works for all ages, especially great for hard to buy for college students and grandpa... Add a double pack of cards with a great design on the back and it makes an even better gift! $9.99 on GOOGLE PLAY.

Great for those into interior design, women's history, biography. Sister, as she was always called by family and friend, was born Dorothy May Kinnicutt into a patrician New York family in 1910 and spent her privileged early life at the right schools, yacht clubs, and coming-out parties. Compelled to work during the lean years of the Depression, Sister combined her innate design ability with her upper-echelon social connections to create an extraordinarily successful interior decorating business. On GOOGLE PLAY for $9.99.
The Gospel According to Chanel. Karen Karbo has written a new kind of book, exploring Chanel’s philosophy on a range of universal themes—from style to passion, from money and success to femininity and living life on your own terms. At B & N for $15.08.

If the 60 Years of  Mad Magazine book was not right for nostalgia, how about this book: Bazooka Joe and his Gang. Who among us did not open those little red white and blue square wax wrappers and read the comics while chomping that hard nut into bubble gum (since it was introduced in 1953)? This book has over 100 reproductions of those comics and much more, like essays on Wesley Morris, the original illustrator. Take them back to a sweeter time and let them share it with the kids or grandkids too. Order HERE from Walmart for $12.62.

Bartlett's Words To Live By, forward by Kurt Vonnegut. A wonderful tome offering an almost inexhaustible listing of inspiring words of advice from the worlds wisest men and women. A great gift for any age and interest.  The previous Bartlett's Familiar Quotations was long considered a staple for advice. This is their newest offering. ON AMAZON at $14.96

TIP: Want more book ideas?  CLICK HERE for more books recommended by me.

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