Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Conscious Box - Healthy Gift

Now here's an idea whose time has come. For $19.95 you get a box full of 10-15 wholesome, healthy and yummy products. The people at this company find them for you, and you benefit from products you might never find in your local area. All come in a recycled box.

If you like "of the month" type gifts, or just want to get them one trial month to turn them onto this service, it's a good thing (in the inimitable words of Martha Stewart)

They have this to say:
We have strict guidelines for all the businesses we work with - and we take our work very seriously! Targeting pure, sustainable, ethical, and change-orientated brands, we connect you with the natural product companies that are working to change the way the world does business. To us (and them), better business means better products and better products mean supporting a better world. So what are you waiting for? Start becoming a conscious shopper today. CLICK HERE for a list of brands.

You can CLICK HERE to give a gift. 

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