Sunday, December 8, 2013

More Gifts for Kids

How about these glow in the dark PJ's for your tyke - boys sizes only but who says your little girl can't wear 'em? At JCREW - $52 but enter code PRESENTS and get 30% off as of this writing for your online order.

With animatronic bells and whistles worthy of a Disney World ride, Cuddles My Giggle Monkey is as realistic as interactive play pets comes. She reacts to feeding, diaper changing, cuddling, tickling, swinging, and does so differently every time (there are 100-plus responses). Rock her in your arms, and she’ll slowly close her eyes and start to snooze. Ages 4+. $79.99.
CLICK HERE for the GOOGLE page that lists many places to get - from $59. up....

Here's a viddy to see what it's all about: 

A smooth-gliding riding toy for cruisers and new walkers, the PlasmaBug is great for little legs that aren’t at their sturdiest yet. This compact two-pound ride-on scooter swivels nimbly from side to side and has bucket compartments in front and back for bottles, snacks, teddies or any toys your jet-setter wants to take along for the ride. Ages 18 months+. $54. CLICK HERE to buy.

Here's something lovely - for both kids and the parents. An enchanting and soothing listen that is sure to calm your little one. Artists include some of the foremost composers, singers, and instrumentalists of days gone by, as well as current leaders of Latin music representing many countries. The a cappella songs are simple, charming, and touching, and you may find yourself quickly learning them to sing to your child. BUY HERE for $17.

And look at this great tee- comes in short or long sleeves and a variety of colors. Unisex, 100% cotton, color coordinated stitching at neck and hem... at this writing for $14.97 (HALF OFF) at RED ENVELOPE

They have a ton of discounts going on and they have a large choice of daily specials so click around...

For all gifts for kids on this blog, CLICK HERE.

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