Friday, September 26, 2014

Time-Out Stool for Toddlers

Oh this is such a perfect thing - a TIME OUT STOOL for your little prankster or tantrum-thrower!  From the Wisteria catalogue, it comes in white or navy. The stool has a very obvious hourglass that ticks off up to five minutes and at 14" high, depending on age, many kids feet won't touch the ground, making it awkward to get off the thing. Unless of course, mom or dad says the magic words!

CLICK HERE to buy for $119.

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meb said...

Love this Rochelle. Jake has 'time out' down to a science now, and will go put himself in time out when even he thinks he deserves it. I would have loved this when he was younger, but he's getting the idea now to quit wasting his time sitting in the corner. However... we have little Ellie coming along, so will definitely be looking at this in about a year and a half. Keep these ideas coming Rock...this is a great resource for your peeps! :)